Jetpack Compose: Getting Started

Aug 1 2023 · Kotlin 1.8.10, Android 13, Android Studio Flamingo

Part 1: Make a Simple Interface

02. Creating Your First Composable Function

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In order to build user interfaces with Jetpack Compose, you will need to use composable functions.

Using a Text Composable

In Jetpack Compose, you can add some text onto your UI using the Text composable function. Since it is an inbuilt composable, we only need to call it and provide any necessary arguments.

setContent {
    Text(text = "Hello Jetpack Compose")

Creating a Composable Function

Sometimes, you may be interested in building UI components that are not available by default with Jetpack Compose. For such scenarios, you can create your own composable function. These functions are usually annotated with the @composable property.

Composable Function

For now, let us create a composable function that will require only a simple text.

fun TitleText(name: String){
    Text(text = name)
    TitleText(name = "Hello Jetpack Compose")

Previewing Composables

Now, try playing around with your TitleText composable by changing the value of the name property.

Compose Preview

In order to set up the preview window for your composable, you need to add the @preview annotation to your composable.

fun AppPreview(){
    TitleText(name = "Jetpack Compose Preview")
fun TitleText(name: String = "Hello World"){
  Text(text = name)