Intermediate Core Data

Take a deeper dive into Core Data in this intermediate series! You’ll learn more about advanced fetching options, optimizing performance, the migration process, unit testing, query generations, and more. By Luke Parham.

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Take a quick look at the content in our Intermediate Core Data series.

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Get a more in-depth look at fetch requests and learn about the different types of result types you can use.

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Learn how to migrate an older data store to a newer one by using custom migration tools like mapping models and entity migration policies.

Unit Testing 11:40
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Learn about writing basic unit tests, as well as asynchronous tests.

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Learn how to use the Core Data template to analyze fetch requests.

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Learn how query generations can prevent a class of crashes and make users’ experience better at the same time.

Conclusion 2:41
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In this conclusion video, you'll get an overview of what you've learned in this Intermediate Core Data series, plus some resources on where to go from here.