Saving Data in iOS

From saving simple text files to implementing a complete object graph management solution, iOS provides a variety of different options on persisting your data. This series explores all the various different savings methods and shows how you can start implementing them in your app, updated using Swift and the latest APIs. By Jessy Catterwaul.

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Find out what's covered in our Saving Data in iOS course!

FileManager 12:31
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Learn to use FileManager to work with saved data in the user's document directory.

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Learn how to use Foundation's Data structure to save and load your bytes of data.

NSCoding 14:37
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Learn how to save your object graph to disc using the NSCoding protocol.

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Building on what was introduced with NSCoding, learn to serialize your Swift data structures by translating them into dictionaries.

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Learn how to work with your data using the property list format, a very common file type in Apple development.

JSON 10:56
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Learn how to save and load using JSON, preparing you for translating back and forth between your Swift types and data from the web.

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Learn about Foundation's UserDefaults, a method for saving a user's preferences and settings.

Conclusion 2:22
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Review what you've learned in this course, and find out where to learn more ways to save data.