Implicit Flutter Animations

Oct 4 2022 · Dart 2.17, Flutter 3.0, Visual Studio Code 1.7

Part 2: Implicit Animations in Action

09. Animate an Item Switcher

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Notes: 09. Animate an Item Switcher

The student materials have been reviewed and are updated as of August 2022.

The updated material uses null safety and also deploys the use coding practises encouraged by the Flutter as per the Flutter lint rules and a few addons of practises that are considered good here at raywenderlich (see analysis_options.yaml in the material for more info).

Heads up... You've reached locked video content where the transcript will be shown as obfuscated text.

Let’s move over to the meals section of the home page. In here, we have a simple meal switcher that updates the meals list based on the item selected. Currently it doesnt have any animation. Let’s head over to the code to get a brief overview of what it does.

    duration: const Duration(milliseconds: 450),
    child: MealsList(meals: _meals),
child: MealsList(
    key: ValueKey(_currentSelection),
    meals: _meals,
transitionBuilder: (Widget child, Animation<double> animation) {
    return ScaleTransition(child: child, scale: animation);
    //return RotationTransition(child: child, turns: animation); -->