Introducing iOS 9 Search APIs

iOS has provided search functionality via Spotlight for many years, but it has always been restricted to content within system apps, and on the web. Well, this all changes with the introduction of Core Spotlight and the search APIs of iOS 9. This short tutorial series will give you an introduction into adding search functionality to your apps – both through user activities and the more advanced Core Spotlight indexing patterns. It’ll also cover how you can structure your app to load the appropriate data really quickly when a user chooses a search result. By Sam Davies.

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Find out what's covered in our Introducing iOS 9 Search APIs video tutorial series!

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Learn how to add the ability to search for products that you've viewed within your app.

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Learn how to use Core Spotlight to index the data that's wrapped up inside your app, allowing the user to search for content without ever having viewed it.

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Learn how to handle results selection so that when you tap on a Spotlight search result, you are taken to that specific item in your app.

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Review what you learned in this video series and find out where to go from here to learn more about the new iOS 9 search APIs.