Split View Controllers

Split view controllers offer an easy and flexible way to get the very common master-detail style pattern into your app. In this short series, you’ll take an existing app built with a linear navigation stack and convert it to use a split view controller. Along the way, you’ll learn the tricks to get things working smoothly across devices and screen orientations. You should know the basics of iOS development and be familiar with storyboards and navigation controllers before starting this series. By Greg Heo.

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Learn the basics of using UISplitViewController in your universal apps, starting with using it to construct a table view leading to a detail view.

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Learn about the different modes for split view controllers on the iPad.

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Learn about UISplitViewController and the iPhone 6 Plus: how to create good transitioning to and from it's distinctive side-by-side display in landscape.


Greg Heo


Greg Heo


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