Wrangling Dates & Time in Android

Dec 15 2022 Kotlin 1.6.21, Android 13, IntelliJ 2022.1

Part 1: Wrangling Dates & Time in Android

8. Work the Kotlinx-Datetime API

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In the previous video, you learned all the essential concepts about the Java Date-Time library. But since you’re a Kotlin developer you need to know that the JetBrains, Kotlin’s mother, has also released its own Date-Time library written in Kotlin.

val instant = Clock.System.now()
println("instant: $instant")
val tz = TimeZone.of("Europe/Rome")
val local = LocalDate(2022, Month.OCTOBER, 25)
    .atTime(2, 30)
val editedInstant = instant + 5.hours
println("editedInstant: $editedInstant")
val duration: Duration = instant - instant.minus(50, DateTimeUnit.HOUR)
println("duration: $duration")
val convertedIntoPeriod = duration.toDateTimePeriod()
println("days: $convertedIntoPeriod")