Wrangling Dates & Time in Android

Dec 15 2022 Kotlin 1.6.21, Android 13, IntelliJ 2022.1

Part 1: Wrangling Dates & Time in Android

5. Localize With ZonedDateTime

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This video Localize With ZonedDateTime was last updated on Dec 15 2022

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You can think of ZonedDateTime as an Instant combined with a ZoneId.

val zdt = ZonedDateTime.now()
println("zdt: $zdt")
val amsterdamZone = ZoneId.of("Europe/Amsterdam")
val localizedZdt = ZonedDateTime.now(amsterdamZone)
println("localizedZdt: $localizedZdt")
val doctorAppointment = LocalDateTime.of(2023, Month.OCTOBER, 23, 11, 0)
val doctorCurrentZoned = doctorAppointment.atZone(ZoneId.systemDefault())
println("doctorInstantAppointment: $doctorCurrentZoned")