CALayers allow you to create cool effects in your app like borders, shadows, gradients, and shapes. Understanding CALayers is critical if you want to build your own custom controls or create advanced animations and view controller transitions. Learn how to get started with this short video tutorial series! By Caroline Begbie.

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Find out what's covered in our CALayers video tutorial series.

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Learn how to set some interesting properties on CALayer to accomplish some neat effects in your apps.

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Learn about CAGradientLayer, a subclass of CALayer that provides an easy way to add gradients to improve the look of your apps.

CAShapeLayer 14:11
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Learn how to use CAShapeLayer to draw and stroke arbitrary paths thus creating cool effects in your apps.

Conclusion 7:36
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Learn how to mask CALayers and then review what you've learned in the CALayers video tutorial series.