Your First Kotlin Android App: An App From Scratch

Jul 5 2022 Kotlin 1.6, Android 12, Android Studio Bumblebee | 2021.1.1

Part 1: Get Started with Android Development

10. Conclusion

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This video Conclusion was last updated on Jul 5 2022

At this point, you should understand how to build basic user interfaces for your android apps. You should have some understanding of the attibutes panel and how to position views using constraint layouts.

So far, you’ve checked off 5 items from your todo list. Believe it or not, you’re making great progress.

Let’s take a look at the 4 remaining todos.

The first two items on the todo list adds interactivity to bullseye. You’ll make the app display a popup dialog when the player taps the hit me button.

Then later on, you’ll read the value of the slider and display the slider’s value in that popup. And you’ll be tackling these two items in the next part.

Now, if you’ve been on your seat since the start of this course, this would be the right time to stand up and stretch. OR Maybe grab a quick bite or something.

No, not social media. Just stretch or drink some water or coffee or whatever re-energizes your mind…and no i dont mean TikTok.

Then come right back and I’ll see you in the next part.