The Thank-A-Thon!

To celebrate Thanksgiving, the team at thanks some some special tools and people from the iOS community! By Felipe Laso-Marsetti.

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The tools and APIs are great (thank you Git, wireless Xcode 9 debugging, and Kotlin!), learning resources are vast and aplenty, but people — yes, people like you — are what make it all come together.

Let’s see who some of our members are thankful for:

“I am thankful for the Catterwauls. Their combination of knowledge, character, and wonderful partnership gave a wonderful first insight into the world of”

“Thank You Catterwauls!” — by Dru Freeman

You may know the Catterwauls from the video courses they’ve made on our site – such as their recent update to our Beginning iOS Animations course. They definitely exemplify the spirit our team strives for.

Speaking of which, Jessy has some special folks to thank as well:

“I give thanks to each and every subscriber: your support allows our team to constantly improve upon the work that we do!”

“Thank You Subscribers!” — by Jessy Catterwaul

Besides getting the opportunity to work on cool projects, probably the best perk of being a member of is the friendships and connections you make. Tammy Coron would like to give a shot out to two special friends she’s made on our team:

“I am thankful for Tim Mitra and Chris Language, for the connections we have made, and the friendships we’re building.”

“Thank You Tim Mitra & Chris Language!” — by Tammy Coron

You may know Tim for his podcast More Than Just Code, and you may know Chris from his book 3D Apple Games by Tutorials.

George Andrews would like to thank another especially giving member of our community:

“I am thankful for all of the learning and support received from Daniel Steinberg (@dimsumthinking) as I dove into iOS development for the first time years ago.”

“Thank You Daniel Steinberg!” — by George Andrews

Daniel is not only a fantastic author and speaker, but also a great person as well. Be sure to catch his The Game of Life talk coming next year at RWDevCon 2018.

Having a mentor, or great friend to talk to and grow personally, and professionally, is also something to truly be thankful for:

“I’m thankful to Ennio Masi (@EnnioMa) for the long conversations about computer science and all his tips. He let me improve as a person and developer.”

“Thank You Readers & Team!” — Marco Santarossa

Thank you!

Most importantly, what we’re most thankful for is you, yes YOU dear friend! Without your support, feedback, encouragement, and continued participation in this wonderful family we call, none of this would be possible.

You’re the reason we do what we do, and the fuel that keeps us motivated to create the best learning content possible. Ray’s quote sums up how we feel:

“Thank you to all for the readers who have been supporting us for the past 7 years – it’s been amazing seeing this site grow from 1 person into a team of 150+ developers and authors from all around the world. Thank you for reading our site and making everything we do possible – I’m truly grateful!”

“Thank YOU!” — by Ray Wenderlich

Wrap up

And thanks it for this year, folks. There were dozens and dozens of quotes from our team, we had to choose from a select few so as not to prevent you from the holiday festivities. :)

What about you, what are you thankful for? Leave us a comment below and do share with us. Again, we want to thank you. From the bottom of our hearts, we wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving!