PaintCode Tutorial: Custom Progress Bar

In this second part of our PaintCode tutorial series, learn how to make a custom progress bar drawn with Core Graphics – but without having to write any code! By Felipe Laso-Marsetti.

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Where To Go From Here

You can download the final project with the PaintCode file and Xcode project here.

Congratulations - you've made a custom look for a progress bar in PaintCode and integrated it into an app, and learned a lot in the process!

You can use these newfound skills to customize the look of the progress bar however you'd like - even in the brand new "flat" style of iOS 7 announced in the keynote yesterday :]

And good news - there's still more! In the third and final part of this series, I'll show you how to implement dynamic bezier arrows to create a fun quiz game.

I hope you've enjoyed this tutorial, and if you have questions or comments or want to show off your creations, please join the forum discussion below!