Sprite Kit Tutorial: Space Shooter

A Sprite Kit tutorial that teaches you how to make a space shooter game. In the process, you’ll learn about accelerometers, textures, and scrolling too! By Tony Dahbura.

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Where To Go From Here?

This Sprite Kit tutorial covered a lot of different topics including particles, texture atlas', and sound effects. I hope this tutorial inspired you to make the next great game using Sprite Kit.

Some other things to try...

  • Why are the asteroids still hitting us while in the game over screen? [spoiler title="Why?"]The asteroids are still being checked against the ship position because the update method is still getting called in the game over screen. To fix this you put a check in the update method to see if the _gameOver variable is not set. The downloadable version has this code in place so look at the if (!_gameOver) { block in the update method.[/spoiler]
  • Suppose you wanted to make the game harder by adding more asteroids?
  • Suppose you made the asteroids faster?
  • Add a score line that keeps track of the asteroids killed.

Here is the SpaceShooter project with all of the code from the above tutorial.

And that concludes the How To Make A Space Shooter iPhone Game tutorial! If you want to learn more about Sprite Kit, take a look at iOS Games by Tutorials on this site.

Please join in the forum discussion below if you have any questions or comments!

Tony Dahbura


Tony Dahbura


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