WWDC 2021: Upgrading to StoreKit 2

StoreKit 2 provides a great a many improvements to the StoreKit API. In this small course, you’ll see how to upgrade an existing StoreKit project to use the latest features introduced by StoreKit 2. By Brian Moakley.

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Who is this for?

This course is for intermediate iOS developers who are comfortable with the Swift language, SwiftUI and know their way around Xcode. You should also have a good understanding of StoreKit 1.

Covered concepts

  • Listing products
  • Buying products
  • Listening to transactions
  • Requesting transactions

Part 1: Upgrading to StoreKit 2

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Starting off, you’ll learn the difference between a Product and an SKProduct. After which, you’ll learn how to fetch a list of products and ultimately how to buy them.

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Once you buy products, you’ll learn how to respond to transaction messages for product updates and as well how to request transactions for products.