Handling Keyboard & Pointer Interactions in SwiftUI

Learn how to handle the iOS keyboard, external hardware keyboards, and pointer interactions in a SwiftUI app. By Catie Catterwaul.

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Who is this for?

This course will be best for developers with some Swift and SwiftUI experience.

Covered concepts

  • iOS Software Keyboard
  • Keyboard Shortcut
  • UIResponder
  • Hover Effect

Part 1: Handling Keyboard & Pointer Interactions in SwiftUI

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Learn how to show the software keyboard in a SwiftUI app without covering up your text fields.

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Solve one of the great mysteries of SwiftUI development: dismissing the software keyboard.

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It’s easy to hook up an external keyboard to your iPad! Make the most of it by adding keyboard shortcuts to your app.

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With iPadOS 13, we could finally connect a pointing device to our iPads. Learn to add some customized pointer support.