Gestures in SwiftUI

Learn how to use SwiftUI’s Gestures to add dynamic touch interactions to your apps. Quickly add one of SwiftUI’s five basic gestures, customize gestures for more control, and combine multiple gestures to build more sophisticated interactivity. By Catie Catterwaul.

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Who is this for?

This course will be best for developers with some Swift and SwiftUI experience who are looking to add more touch interaction to their apps.

Covered concepts

  • SwiftUI
  • Tap Gesture
  • Drag Gesture
  • Long Press Gesture
  • Magnification Gesture
  • Rotation Gesture
  • Simultaneous Gesture
  • Sequence Gesture
  • Exclusive Gesture

Part 1: Gestures in SwiftUI

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Learn how to add interactivity and animation to the Cardeo flashcard app with a basic tap gesture.

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Even basic gestures, like the drag gesture, can be customized to create more dynamic touch interactions.

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If you need to store a gesture’s values while it is active, try out the @GestureState property wrapper.

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Sometimes one gesture isn’t enough! Learn how you can combine multiple gestures to act simultaneously.

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Learn to add multiple gestures to a view that will act in sequence, or only one at a time.