Announcing AR/VR Week at!

Amazing discounts on all of our AR and VR content, including our newest release: Unity AR & VR by Tutorials. By Tiffani Randolph.

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Surprise #3: Free Chapters and New Unity Tutorials!

We’ll also be serving up some brand-new Unity tutorials and free chapters from Unity AR & VR by Tutorials this week to get you building professional-quality Unity apps in next to no time:

  • Introduction to Unity: Getting Started — Part I: Today, Unity boasts more game development than any other game technology. And with support for almost 30 platforms including mobile, virtual reality, desktop and console, Unity isn’t just a good place to start, it’s the perfect place to start.
  • Introduction to Unity: Getting Started — Part II: This tutorial will give you an overview of Unity’s various systems, and you’ll assemble a game from pre-created assets. You’ll learn about Unity’s subsystems in depth while you create your own assets and write your own scripts.
  • Advanced VR Interactions: In this chapter preview from Unity AR & VR by Tutorials, you’ll build a virtual museum of awesomeness and learn how to create tooltips for objects and controllers, fix objects to your controllers, use joints to accurately pick up objects, snap objects into place and use haptic feedback!
  • Advanced VR Movement: Following on from Advanced VR Interactions, this chapter preview from Unity AR & VR by Tutorials teleports you around an obstacle field, where you’ll learn how to use destination points to cover large distances, use fixed positions for teleport locations, use body physics, and climb objects!
  • VR in Interactive Media: In this final chapter preview from Unity AR & VR by Tutorials, you’ll see that you can not only use Unity to make games with VR functionality but also to create interactive media. You’ll learn about displaying 360° videos; simulating scary situations in VR to overcome them; leveraging VR for virtual museums; using VR in architecture; and more!.

All of these tutorials will be coming out on Tuesday, March 26th. Come back tomorrow to check them out!

We’ll also be resurfacing some of our great AR and VR content on our social feeds. Make sure you’re following us on Twitter and on Facebook to catch all of this great content we’ll be sending your way through the week!

Where to Go From Here?

With all the great AR and VR hardware coming out recently, there’s no better time to jump into AR and VR and master it in Unity and iOS!

To recap, here’s the schedule for AR/VR Week:

  • Monday, March 25: Launch day!
  • Tuesday, March 26: Free chapters from Unity AR & VR by Tutorials, Update to Beginning Unity tutorials
  • Wednesday, March 27: Focus on Free Video Courses
  • Thursday, March 28: Focus on ARKit Tutorials
  • Friday, March 29: Giveaway announced!
  • Friday, April 5: Last day for sale!

***AR/VR Sale Extended: Check this post for details.***

Questions about AR/VR Week or the Starter Bundles? We’ve prepared an FAQ right here to help you out:

Don’t forget to check back later this week to see the new content we’re releasing — and don’t forget to take advantage of our 50% off bundle sale on both the Unity AR & VR Starter Bundle and the iOS AR Starter Bundle before the deal is over!