Your First iOS and SwiftUI App: Designing the App [OPTIONAL]

Learn how to start with nothing but an app idea, and take it all the way to a beautiful visual design made in Figma. By Luke Freeman & Ray Wenderlich.

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This is part of the iOS and SwiftUI for Beginners learning path. View path.

Who is this for?

Total beginners — no prior UI / UX design knowledge required! This course walks you through designing an app from scratch.

You'll start by creating a low-fidelity (paper) wireframe for your app. You'll then create a full high-fidlity wireframe using a popular and free design tool called Figma, learning about design basics like layout, typography, and color along the way.

This course is a sister course to Your First iOS and SwiftUI App: An App From Scratch. You can watch this course before, after, or not at all (it's optional)!

Covered concepts

  • Low-fidelity wifeframes
  • High-fidelity wireframes
  • Figma basics
  • Grid layouts
  • Typography
  • Color
  • Design iteration

Part 1: iOS App Design

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Learn about the app you'll be designing - a simple but fun game called Bull's Eye - and get a preview of all the things you'll learn throughout this part.

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Create a low fidelity wireframe for Bull's Eye, which is a bare-bones visual depiction of what the app should look like.

Practice creating a low fidelity wireframe by creating a sketch for what Bull's Eye should look like in portrait mode.

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Learn about a popular and free online design tool called Figma, and why we'll be using it for this course.

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Learn the basics of using Figma, including creating shapes and modifying their properties.

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Create a basic grid layout for Bull's Eye, in order to make the interface more consistent and easier to design.

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Start your design by bringing in the raw unstyled elements such as the slider, button, and labels.

Typography 6:45
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Learn how to select fonts, font sizes, font weights, and letter spacing for your app.

Color 13:38
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Give Bull's Eye a splash of color and set up your color pallette.

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Iterate on the design, making visual tweaks to give it some more personality.

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A review of Luke's final design and a discussion of implementation practicalities.

Conclusion 1:43
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Review what you learned in this course, and where to go from here.

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