Advanced MapKit

Level up your MapKit knowledge! Learn how to customize your maps by way of custom drawing. Discover the difference between an overlay and a renderer, and how you can use those components to expand the map by providing more information, or by creating an entirely map using your own map tiles. By Brian Moakley.

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Who is this for?

This course is designed for developers who have experience with iOS, Swift, and most importantly, MapKit. The viewer should also have UIKit experience. The course is meant for developers to "level up" their MapKit skills in order to fully customize the map.

Covered concepts

  • Drawing on the Map
  • Adding Custom Images
  • Getting Directions
  • Drawing Directions on Maps
  • Replace MapKit tiles
  • Adding Custom Tiles
  • Incorporating JSON into Maps

Part 1: Custom MapKit Rendering

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Welcome to the course! Learn about the cool ways MapKit lets you change the visual look and feel of your maps.

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Overlays and Renderers are the key components from doing any custom drawing on the map. Let's see how to use them.

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This episode will get you started with drawing by showing how to create shapes on your map.

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Check out how to add an image to provide detail to an empty portion of a map.

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Rendering directions requires two steps. First you need to request directions, which you'll do in this episode.

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Once you have directions, you must draw them on the map. Let's try that out!

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This episode covers the process of swapping out the Map Tiles with Open Street Map, while still being powered by MapKit.

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You can also substitute standard map tiles with custom ones, creating your own unique maps.

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GeoJSON allows you to add rendering information to a map from regular JSON files.

Conclusion 2:11
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You've learned a lot about cool MapKit effects! Check out some resources to help you learn more about MapKit and Core Location.