WWDC 2020 Screencasts

All of our screencasts covering content from WWDC 2020! Screencasts include: Swift Views; SwiftUI Protocols and Property Wrappers; Privacy Features; Widgets; Combine & SwiftUI; In-App Purchase Updates By .

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Who is this for?

iOS programmers who want to learn about some of the new features covered in WWDC 2020.

Covered concepts

  • WWDC
  • Swift Views
  • SwiftUI Protocols
  • Property Wrappers
  • Privacy Features
  • Widgets
  • Combine & SwiftUI
  • In-App Purchases
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What's new in SwiftUI Views this year? Check out my top picks for WWDC SwiftUI Sessions and get a whirlwind tour of new SwiftUI features.

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WWDC 2020 brought some great new features for SwiftUI, including the App and Scene protocols, and AppStorage, SceneStorage, and ScaledMetric property wrappers.

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iOS 14 comes with a lot of new privacy features. This episode will cover the range of them from location tracking to the app store.

Widgets 3:47
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Learn a bit about WidgetKit, some suggestions for how to get started, and a tip about building your own placeholder views.

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Combine Publishers have a new assign method that works with Published properties, and can also be integrated with SwiftUI's new StateObject property wrapper.

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In-App Purchases made a really nice showing at WWDC 2020. With this video, you'll get a run down of upcoming In App Purchases in iOS 14.