Reusable SwiftUI Views in the App

Build two of the custom SwiftUI views used throughout the app. Get a glimpse into how we used SFSymbols, managed colors, and made the most of live previews. By Catie Catterwaul.

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Who is this for?

Intermediate to Advanced iOS developers with some experience using SwiftUI, or anyone interested in learning about the development of the app!

Covered concepts

  • SwiftUI
  • Color Management
  • SFSymbols
  • Geometry Reader
  • View Preferences
  • Live Previews
  • SwiftUI Animation
  • App

Part 1: Enum-Driven Button Styling

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Take a look at the wireframes for the app and find an element that is reused throughout. Identify consistent styling elements and customization points.

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Build a custom, styled SwiftUI button based on our list of consistent vs. customized design elements. Take a look at your work with Previews.

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Add colors to the project based on design specifications and define style options for the button with an enum.

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Learn how to add and style SFSymbols in the project, and try out using geometry readers and view preferences.

Part 2: Build a Multi-State Download Icon View

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Build a basic view to establish the states and size of the download status view. Set up previews to track your work.

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Build up views that don't change for three states of download status. Use images and SFSymbols in SwiftUI.

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Try out a few new view modifiers to create a custom circular progress view that varies based on current download progress.

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Try out animation in SwiftUI! Layer three animations together to create a complex, animating version of the progress view.

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Take a look at how and where the views you built are used in the app, and explore a few more views.