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How to Translate Your Game Using the Unity Translation Package
Welcome to the wild world of localization, where Veggie Gladiators are about to prove that vegetables aren’t just for salads, but for speaking multiple languages too! Picture this: your game is a hit in Tokyo, and suddenly the Veggie Gladiators have to fight in a sushi bar. Without localization, they’ll be lost in translation faster than a potato in a fruit salad. So, let’s arm our Veggie Gladiators with languages and take over the global gaming arena, one veggie at a time!
Game Tech
Getting Started with Unreal Engine for Unity Developers
This comprehensive tutorial introduces developers to Unreal Engine, highlighting its differences from Unity and providing a detailed guide on getting started. It covers various aspects, including the user interface, materials, blueprint visual scripting and exporting projects, making it an invaluable resource for those transitioning to Unreal Engine for game development.
Game Tech
Getting Started With Godot for Unity Developers
Learn how to transition from Unity to Godot with this comprehensive comparison. Get insights into each game engine’s pros and cons, plus practical tips to migrate your projects.
Game Tech
What’s New in Unity 2022?
Unity 2022.3 has finally been released, so the 2022 stream has now moved into LTS. What new and exciting features do they have in store for us?
Game Tech
Introduction To Unity Unit Testing
Learn all about the Unity Test Framework and how to set up Unit Tests in your Unity projects.
Game Tech
How to Reverse Engineer a Unity Game
In this tutorial, you’ll use ILSpy and AssetStudio to extract code and assets from a compiled Unity game.
Game Tech
Introduction to Unity UI – Part 1
UI is a crucial part of any video game. Even in the most basic of games you need to navigate a main menu to start the action! In this tutorial, you’ll learn about the most common components developers use to build user interfaces in Unity. All while listening to some sweet sliding blues music. :]
Game Tech
Introduction to Unity UI – Part 2
In this second part of the tutorial, you’re going to add additional functionality like playing and pausing the music, selecting a track from a list inside a ScrollView, and changing the volume with a slider. As you add these features, you’ll learn all about Unity’s built-in UI components.
Game Tech
Unity Apprentice
In this book, you’ll learn how to build 3D games using Unity - one of the most popular cross-platform game engines available today. The book will first describe the most commonly used features of the Unity Editor and the Unity Hub. It’ll then go on to describe how you build three separate, but related, games that collectively cover the most important aspects of game development. These include scene creation, detecting and managing collisions, user interface design and building, scripting, navigation, camera control, object pooling and animation. The book also describes some of the best practices you should use to get the best out of Unity, and how to make your games run in the most efficient way, enabling you to focus on the fun part: making a great game that your players will enjoy!
Game Tech
Creating Reusable Characters With Blender and Unity
Characters in video games are often as memorable as the accompanying gameplay and music. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to prepare a humanoid model using Blender and how to bring it into Unity.
Game Tech
Tweening Animations in Unity with LeanTween
Learn how to use LeanTween to animate the User Interface and various GameObjects in Unity 3D by creating a Breakout game clone.
Game Tech
VFX in Unity: Getting Started
Learn how to create your own custom visual effects using Unity’s built-in Particle System.
Game Tech
How to Create a Twitch Chat Game with Unity
Learn to integrate the Twitch Chat API into your Unity game, so viewers can interact with the game during streaming.
Game Tech
Introduction to Asynchronous Programming in Unity
Dive deeper into the world of asynchronous programming in Unity by creating a fun town-builder game.
Game Tech
Improving Game Visuals with Unity’s HDRP
Improve your game visuals and take them up by several notches using the High Definition Render Pipeline from Unity.
Game Tech
Using the Terrain Tools in Unity
Learn to create and manage a wide range of terrains in your apps by using Unity’s powerful Terrain Tools and the all new Terrain Toolbox API.
Game Tech
Open Call for Tech Editors and Authors on the Unity Team
We’re looking for Unity devs to write and tech edit articles with us. Read on for how to apply!
Game Tech
Introduction to TextMesh Pro in Unity
Learn about TextMesh Pro in Unity by creating a spooky text-based adventure game where the style of the text changes based on what happens in the story.
Game Tech
Open Call for Authors and Tech Editors on the Unity Team
We’re looking for Unity devs for author and tech editor roles. Read on for how to apply!
Game Tech
Introduction to Unity 2D
This introductory Unity tutorial will get you up and running with Unity 2D by creating a lunar landing game.
Game Tech
Unity Tutorial: How to Make a Game Like Space Invaders
In this Unity tutorial, you’ll learn how to make a classic 2D space shooting game similar to Space Invaders.
Game Tech
Open Call for Authors on the Unity Team
We’re looking for Unity authors. Read on about how to apply!
Game Tech
Making Hearts Fly With Unity VFX Graph
Learn how to use Unity’s VFX Graph to make stunning visual effects, like a flock of flying butterflies! The VFX Graph uses simple, node-based visual logic.
Game Tech
Open Call for Applications on the Unity Team
We’re looking for Unity authors. Read on to see how to apply!