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Android & Kotlin · 685 Results

Android & Kotlin
Multiple Domains New
Kodeco Podcast: The Power of Native Platforms (V2, S2, E11)
In this episode of the Kodeco podcast, hosts Dru Freeman and Susannah Skyer Gupta delve into native platforms... more
Android & Kotlin New
Leverage Coroutines in Android with Concurrency Essentials
Creating a performant network enabled app is easier than ever in modern Android development. This article cov... more
Android & Kotlin New
Google Endorses Kotlin Multiplatform
Google announced first class support for Kotlin Multiplatform at Google I/O 2024. This article provides an ov... more
Android & Kotlin New
Dive into Object-Oriented Programming with Kotlin
Discover the essentials of object-oriented programming in Kotlin, delving into abstract classes and interface... more
Android & Kotlin New
Your First Steps in Kotlin
Learning the Kotlin language does not need to be an intimidating experience. With Kotlin Essentials, you’ll l... more
Multiple Domains New
Kodeco Podcast: Surviving Layoffs With Joey deVilla (V2, S2, E11)
Join hosts Dru Freeman and Jennifer Bailey on the Kodeco Podcast as they explore strategies for surviving lay... more
Android & Kotlin New
Concurrency with Coroutines in Android
In this module, learners will be introduced to the problems of concurrency and learn how to juggle tasks b... more
Android & Kotlin New
Concurrency with Kotlin Flow
Kotlin Flow is a powerful tool for handling asynchronous data streams. In this module, learners will be in... more
Android & Kotlin New
Network Requests with Retrofit in Android
In this module, learners will learn about some fundamental concepts of networking, the Retrofit library, h... more
Multiple Domains New
Kodeco Podcast: Making Seats at the Table (V2, S2, E10)
We dig down deep as the entire podcast team is joined by Manda Frederick, formerly with Women who Code, and A... more
Android & Kotlin New
Google I/O 2024: Build a Cat Chatbot using Gemini on Android
In this tutorial, you’ll use Google’s Gemini API to create a chatbot in Android that has the persona of a ca... more
Android & Kotlin
Learn the Basics of the Kotlin Language
This online course is designed to teach the fundamentals of Kotlin programming for creating simple program... more
Android & Kotlin
Introduction to Kotlin Object-Oriented Programming
This module establishes a solid understanding of OOP’s core principles, including encapsulation, abstracti... more
Android & Kotlin New
Advanced Object-Oriented Programming in Kotlin
This module will guide you through some of the common issues that arise when creating apps that are alread... more
Android & Kotlin
Utilize Control Flow in Kotlin
This module teaches how to use Kotlin’s control flow features to branch code based on variable state.
Android & Kotlin
Leverage Kotlin Functions & Lambdas
This module covers the basics of writing functions and then calling those functions in code. It also cover... more
Android & Kotlin
Use Kotlin Classes
This module covers leveraging the powers of classes in Kotlin. It illustrates how to create classes, add p... more
Android & Kotlin
Advanced Kotlin Class Features
This module provides an overview of the advanced class features available in Kotlin. Advanced features cov... more
Android & Kotlin
Google I/O 2024: Shared Element Transitions in Jetpack Compose
Learn how to animate your UI with the Android Transition Framework that was featured in Google I/O 2024.
Android & Kotlin
Seven Key Product Announcements from Google I/O 2024
Google presented its comprehensive response to ChatGPT in the 2024 Google I/O keynote. Here are seven product... more
Multiple Domains
Kodeco Podcast: UIKit to SwiftUI (V2, S2, E9)
Join Dru Freeman, Susannah Skyer Gupta, and Danijela Vrzan on the Kodeco Podcast to explore transitioning fro... more
Multiple Domains
Kodeco Podcast: Corporate vs Indie (V2, S2, E8)
Explore corporate vs indie app development with Bhagat Singh and Mikaela Karon on the Kodeco podcast. Get ins... more
Android & Kotlin
Introduction to Foundational Tools in Android
Learn about three of the most fundamental tools used in Android development in our new Foundational Tools for... more
Multiple Domains
Kodeco Podcast V2, S2, E7: Favorite Apps for Mobile Development
It’s a roundtable whirlwind when Fuad Kamal and Franklin Byaruhanga join Dru, Suz,and Jenn to discuss and lis... more