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core data iOS & Swift
iOS & Swift
Core Data: Beyond the Basics
In this course, you’ll learn about how to fetch, sort and filter entries from a Core Data persistent store. You’ll also dive into some more advanced topics such as delete rules and Core Data with Swift Concurrency.
iOS & Swift
Core Data: Fundamentals
Learn the basics of Core Data in this beginner series. You’ll learn how to model your data with attributes and relationships, save data using a context, display saved data in lists and much more, in both SwiftUI and UIKit!
iOS & Swift
Sharing Core Data With CloudKit in SwiftUI
Learn to share data between CoreData and CloudKit in a SwiftUI app.
iOS & Swift
Set Up Core Spotlight with Core Data: Getting Started
Learn how to connect Core Data with Core Spotlight and add search capability to your app using Spotlight.
iOS & Swift
Dynamic Core Data with SwiftUI Tutorial for iOS
Learn how to take advantage of all the new Core Data features introduced in iOS 15 to make your SwiftUI apps even more powerful.
iOS & Swift
Modern, Efficient Core Data
In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to improve your iOS app thanks to efficient Core Data usage with batch insert, persistent history and derived properties.
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Core Data by Tutorials
Learn Core Data with Swift! This book is for intermediate iOS developers who already know the basics of iOS and Swift development but want to learn how to use Core Data to save data in their apps. Start with with the basics like setting up your own Core Data Stack all the way to advanced topics like migration, performance, multithreading, and more!
iOS & Swift
Getting Started with Core Data and CloudKit
In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to use NSPersistentCloudKitContainer to integrate Core Data and CloudKit.
iOS & Swift
Unit Testing Core Data in iOS
Testing code is a crucial part of app development, and Core Data is not exempt from this. This tutorial will teach you how you can test Core Data.
iOS & Swift
Core Data with SwiftUI Tutorial: Getting Started
In this Core Data with SwiftUI tutorial, you’ll learn to persist data in an app using @State, @Environment and @FetchRequest property wrappers.
iOS & Swift
Multiple Managed Object Contexts with Core Data Tutorial
Learn how to use multiple managed object contexts to improve the performance of your apps in this Core Data Tutorial in Swift!
iOS & Swift
Lightweight Migrations in Core Data Tutorial
Learn how to keep your data models up-to-date with this Core Data migrations tutorial!
iOS & Swift
Getting Started with Core Data Tutorial
Learn the basics of building the data layer of your iOS app in this getting started with Core Data tutorial!
iOS & Swift
Core Data by Tutorials Updated for Swift 4.2 and iOS 12
Check out Core Data by Tutorials – newly updated for Swift 4.2 and iOS 12!
iOS & Swift
Intermediate Core Data
Take a deeper dive into Core Data in this intermediate series! You’ll learn more about advanced fetching options, optimizing performance, the migration process, unit testing, query generations, and more.
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Material Design, and Core Data – Podcast S06 E10
Join Mic, Jake, and Huyen as they first discuss Material Design and it’s impact on Android since its release, and then delve into the big changes to Core Data in iOS 10 and macOS Sierra.
iOS & Swift
Using Core Data in iOS with RubyMotion
Learn how to use Core Data in a simple RubyMotion app.
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Core Data with Saul Mora – Podcast S02 E02
Take a deep dive into Core Data with Saul Mora in this podcast episode!
iOS & Swift
Core Data Tutorial Series Updated for iOS 5
This is just a quick note to let you guys know that our 3-part Core Data Tutorial Series has been fully updated for iOS 5! This update was made by iOS Tutorial Team member and forum moderator Adam Burkepile. He added support for the latest iOS 5 APIs, such as Storyboards and ARC, and the […]
iOS & Swift New
New Scanning and Text Capabilities with VisionKit
VisionKit comes with new Scanning and Text Capabilities. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to use Apple’s latest VisionKit update to take advantage of the new capabilities.
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How to Write the Perfect Resume After Graduating a Coding Bootcamp
If you’ve just graduated bootcamp, learn how to update your resume to show off your newfound skills — and also demonstrate how your past experience in non-tech jobs makes you a better candidate for a dev position.
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How to Get a Job After Graduating a Coding Bootcamp
So you’ve graduated from a coding bootcamp… now what? Learn the next steps you need to take to get a dev job after your bootcamp is done.
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To Infinity… And Far, Far Beyond
With the new Kodeco brand launched, CEO Matt Derrick reflects on what’s changed since 2021 and gives us a glimpse of what to expect in 2023 and beyond!
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319 Days to Building a New Brand
Pivoting a global brand is as challenging as you would think! CEO Matt Derrick talks about the journey to — and the pitfalls (narrowly) avoided.