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Screencast Video Course
iOS & Swift
iOS & Swift Learning Path Trailer 2019
The trailer for the iOS & Swift Learning Path 2019.
iOS & Swift
iOS 10: Dynamic Sticker Packs in iMessage Apps
Learn how you can build your own custom sticker pack app for Messages, enabling you to fully control the behavior and appearance of the sticker browser.
iOS & Swift
Swift UI: Declarative UI
SwiftUI provides a whole new way of writing UI on iOS - declaratively - letting you tell the system what you want instead of how to make it.
iOS & Swift
Coordinator Design Pattern: Simplifying View Controllers
The Coordinator Pattern allows you to construct your view controllers so they can focus purely on controlling views - this screencast will go over how.
iOS & Swift
Combine: Intro to Combine
Combine introduces a native way to manage asynchronous events in Swift, which means you don't have to rely on third party reactive frameworks.
iOS & Swift
Moving From Cocoapods to Swift Package Manager
In this screencast you'll learn how to migrate dependencies in your iOS applications from Cocoapods to SwiftPM.
iOS & Swift
What's New in Xcode 11: Workflow
Explore how Xcode 11 changes your workflow. Learn how to make the most out of multiple editors and Xcode's source control changes.
The Future of Mobile: Android/iOS, Flutter and Native
In this Roundtable Talk, Kevin Moore, Kevin Galligan, Nishant Srivastava and Joe Howard discuss the state of mobile and what platform you should use when starting a brand new project.
iOS & Swift
Coordinator Design Pattern: Overview
The Coordinator is a great pattern to help enforce Single Responsibility in classes, allowing them to focus on a single task, making them easier to maintain, test, and reuse.
Android & Kotlin
Getting Started With Dagger
In this screencast, you'll learn about dependency injection and the DI library Dagger, and perform your first injection with Dagger.
iOS & Swift
What's New in Swift 5: Syntactical Sugar
Swift 5.0 has arrived and with it comes some nice syntactical sugar to make developing your code that much easier.
iOS & Swift
Swift UI: Building Custom Views
SwiftUI introduces a new way to build user interfaces - and you can even build your own custom views! This screencast shows you how.
iOS & Swift
What's New in Swift 5: Types
Swift 5.0 has arrived and with it comes a new Result type, ways to handle future Enum cases, and dynamically callable types.
Android & Kotlin
Dagger: Network Injection
In this screencast, you'll use Dagger to inject a network dependency graph, eliminating code duplication including duplicate dependency configuration.
Flutter & Dart
Flutter Navigation
In this screencast, learn about routes, navigation, and transitions for mobile apps written using the Flutter SDK.
Multiple Domains
What's New in Swift 5: ABI Stability
Swift 5.0 has arrived and with it comes one of the most anticipated features yet - ABI Stability!
iOS & Swift
WWDC 2020: Combine & SwiftUI
Combine Publishers have a new assign method that works with Published properties, and can also be integrated with SwiftUI's new StateObject property wrapper.
iOS & Swift
What's New in Swift 5: Strings
In this screencast, learn how Swift 5.0 introduces several new improvements to dealing with strings.
iOS & Swift
Swift UI: Working With State
SwiftUI has multiple ways to deal with referencing state in your app and keeps your views up to date for you.
iOS & Swift
PDFKit: Displaying PDFs
PDFs used to be almost impossible to display on iOS, but not anymore. Learn how to use PDFKit to display PDFs in your app.
iOS & Swift
What's New in Xcode 11: Testing
Learn how to take advantage of test plans in running your tests with multiple configurations to make your code more robust.
iOS & Swift
Reachability in iOS
In this screencast, learn how you can handle and detect Internet connection issues using reachability.
Peter Friese: Building SwiftUI Apps with Firebase
In this talk, learn how to build a simple, data-driven SwiftUI application that uses Cloud Firestore to store data.
iOS & Swift
Swift UI: Previewing Your UI in Xcode
Xcode 11 has a great new preview canvas for SwiftUI that allows you see changes in your UI as you make them - even letting you interact in live mode!