Aug 3 2020 ·

Peter Friese: Building SwiftUI Apps with Firebase

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Notes: . Peter Friese: Building SwiftUI Apps with Firebase

Using SwiftUIs declarative syntax, building user interfaces for any of Apple's platforms is fast and exceptionally simple.

Firebase makes developing the backend for your app a lot easier by providing BaaS features such as a NoSQL database, a flexible authentication solution, as well as a serverless environment to extend you app with custom backend code.

Both SwiftUI and Firebase make developing apps a lot easier, but how do you bring both together?

In this talk, learn how to build a simple, data-driven SwiftUI application that uses Cloud Firestore to store data.

You will learn:

  • How to architect your SwiftUI app so both its local and remote state stay in sync in real time
  • How to use Firebase Authentication to give users a great out-of-the-box experience without having to sign in first
  • How to implement Sign in with Apple in less than 5 minutes using FirebaseUI

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