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iOS & Swift · 17 Results

iOS & Swift AR / VR
iOS & Swift New
Unlocking the Magic of visionOS
Ever dreamed of building iOS apps that truly connect with users, pushing the boundaries of accessibility, imm... more
iOS & Swift
Augmented Reality’s RoomPlan for iOS: Getting Started
Learn how to scan a room and share the 3D model with Apple’s RoomPlan in a SwiftUI app.
iOS & Swift
Apple Vision Pro: A New Era or AR Rabbit Hole?
Apple has just announced its Vision Pro spatial computing system. Is it destined to become the next must-have... more
Multiple Domains
The Meta Quest 3 and Apple Vision Pro for Game Developers
Two new XR headsets in a week! How do they compare and what does this mean in terms of game development? Here... more
iOS & Swift
Face Tracking with RealityKit
Learn how to leverage RealityKit and Reality Composer to build engaging AR experiences focused on tracking... more
Multiple Domains
Announcing AR/VR Week at!
Amazing discounts on all of our AR and VR content, including our newest release: Unity AR & VR by Tutoria... more
iOS & Swift
Beginning ARKit
In this course, you will explore ARKit from getting to know how it works, to adding new furniture in your ... more
iOS & Swift
Building a Museum App with ARKit 2
Have you ever stood at a museum exhibit and wanted to know more about the art or artifact than the little pla... more
iOS & Swift
AR Face Tracking Tutorial for iOS: Getting Started
In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to use AR Face Tracking to track your face using a TrueDepth camera, overl... more
iOS & Swift
Building a Portal App in ARKit: Materials and Lighting
Learn how to add materials and lighting effects to your AR portal app with the final tutorial in this series ... more
iOS & Swift
Building a Portal App in ARKit: Adding Objects
In this second part of our tutorial series on building a portal app in ARKit, you’ll build up your app and ad... more
iOS & Swift
Building a Portal App in ARKit: Getting Started
Learn how to build your own augmented reality portal app in this tutorial series from our new book, ARKit by ... more
iOS & Swift
Why I Love ARKit for Apple iOS 11
Apple’s iOS 11 release brings ARKit, a new SDK that unlocks devices’ potential to transform reality. Learn wh... more
iOS & Swift
Introduction to ARKit: Error Management
When working with ARKit, it is inevitable that users will run into errors such as low light and failed mot... more
iOS & Swift
Introduction to ARKit: Measuring Distances
In this video, you'll learn how the leverage SceneKit's API in ARKit to measure distances between ... more
iOS & Swift
Introduction to ARKit: Adding 3D Models
In this video, you'll learn how to add 3D models to scenes. You'll do this by way of planes and th... more
iOS & Swift
Introduction to ARKit: Getting Started
In this video, you'll get started with ARKit. You'll learn about the various framework components ... more