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Server-Side Swift How-tos
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Supporting REST and HTML with a gRPC Microservice
Any microservice can become a gRPC microservice. gRPC and protobuf work together to bring more structure to building out APIs, even if your service has to work across different clients or support streams of data. The system generates model and networking code for the protocol — you define the API using a .proto file which […]
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Why Even Successful Software Engineers Need Personal Branding
If you already have a successful career as a software engineer, you might think that there’s no real need for personal branding. Find out why it actually could make a big difference for you, and how to go about doing it!
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Server-Side Sign in with Apple
You may know how to set up Sign in with Apple in an iOS project, but most tutorials don’t actually cover what to do on the backend! In this course, you’ll learn just that. In the first part of this course you’ll learn how Sign in with Apple works and how it differs from regular authentication. You’ll see how to integrate it with your existing authentication flow to provide users the option to use their preferred authentication choice. You’ll also see how to allow users to sign in with both Sign in with Apple and a regular username and password. In the second part of this course you’ll learn how to adopt Sign in with Apple on the web and integrate it on a website. This allows you to offer Sign in with Apple no matter how your users are using your app.
Server-Side Swift
Deploying Server-Side Swift Apps With Docker on Heroku
In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to deploy server-side applications developed in Vapor as well as Docker images of your application into Heroku.
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Professional Networking at Virtual Conferences: How to Connect Online
Virtual conferences help you build your professional network easily and affordably. Find out how and why to use virtual conferences to create a strong and supportive network.
Server-Side Swift
Developing and Testing Server-Side Swift with Docker and Vapor
Use Docker to develop and test your Vapor apps and learn to use Docker Compose to run different services, which include a database.
Server-Side Swift
Sharing Swift Code Between iOS and Server Applications
In this tutorial, you’ll learn how share code between iOS and server applications.
Server-Side Swift
Vapor and Job Queues: Getting Started
Using Vapor’s Redis and Queues libraries, learn how to configure, dispatch, and process various jobs in a queue.
Server-Side Swift
Server-Side Swift: Testing on Linux
In this tutorial, you’ll test your server-side Swift apps on Linux, learning the differences between testing on macOS and Linux, and how to use Docker and Docker Compose.
Server-Side Swift
SMS User Authentication With Vapor and AWS
In this SMS user authentication tutorial, you’ll learn how to use Vapor and AWS SNS to authenticate your users with their phone numbers.
Server-Side Swift
Sign in with Apple Using Vapor 4
In this Vapor 4 tutorial, you’ll learn how to implement Sign in with Apple with an iOS companion app and a simple website.
Server-Side Swift
Sending Push Notifications With Vapor
Adding push notifications to your app enriches the user experience by delivering data to their devices when it becomes available. In this article, you’ll learn how to send push notifications with Vapor.
Server-Side Swift
File Handling Tutorial for Server-Side Swift Part 1
In this two-part file handling tutorial, we’ll take a close look at Server-side Swift file handling and distribution by building a MadLibs clone.
Server-Side Swift
Database Migrations with Vapor
In this Server-Side Swift tutorial, see how to perform various migrations on your Vapor application database, using PostgreSQL running on Docker.
Server-Side Swift
How to Think in Server-Side Swift
Server-side Swift opens exciting new worlds to Swift developers and best of breed frameworks like Kitura and Vapor expose the full power of Swift. In this post you’ll learn the key differences between Client- and Server-side Swift environments, and how to use them to take better advantages of Swift in its Server-side form.
Server-Side Swift
Getting Started With HTTP Middleware in Kitura
Middleware is a popular way to to handle incoming server-side requests and outgoing responses. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to add middleware to a REST API that’s built in Swift and uses the Kitura framework. You’ll learn how to add CORS (Cross-Origin Resource Sharing) policies, custom logic and authentication to the routes of an app that knows the meaning of life.
Server-Side Swift
Deploying Kitura with Docker & Kubernetes: Getting Started
Kitura servers built in Swift are pretty cool, but it’s even cooler to deploy them in the cloud! See how to build a Docker image, then deploy to Kubernetes.