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iOS & Swift · 56 Results

iOS & Swift Software Engineering
iOS & Swift New
Protocols in iOS Object-Oriented Programming
Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) and protocols are two complementary paradigms in Swift. Learn how to combin... more
iOS & Swift
Getting Started With the VIP Clean Architecture Pattern
In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to utilize the VIP clean architecture pattern to develop apps for Apple pl... more
iOS & Swift
Testing in iOS
Testing is a great way to help ensure the pieces of your app remain functionally correct and bug-free. Exp... more
iOS & Swift
Getting Started With The Composable Architecture
Learn how to structure your iOS app with understandable and predictable state changes using Point-Free’s The ... more
iOS & Swift
Opaque Return Types and Type Erasure
Learn how to use opaque return types and type erasure to improve your understanding of intuitive and effectiv... more
iOS & Swift
SwiftGen Tutorial for iOS
Learn how SwiftGen makes it easy to get rid of magic strings in your iOS projects.
iOS & Swift
Getting a Redux Vibe Into SwiftUI
Learn how to implement Redux concepts to manage the state of your SwiftUI app in a more predictable way by im... more
iOS & Swift
SOLID Principles for iOS Apps
SOLID is a group of principles that lead you to write clear and organized code without additional effort. Lea... more
iOS & Swift
How To Make An App Like Instagram in iOS
Have you ever wanted to build an app like Instagram, from architecture to coding to the back-end server, b... more
iOS & Swift
Building Your App Using Build Configurations and .xcconfig
Use Xcode build settings and .xcconfig files to change your app’s settings and icon with different build conf... more
iOS & Swift
App Clips in iOS
Whether you’re picking up coffee or renting a bike, you’ve likely been faced with the decision of installi... more
iOS & Swift
Intermediate iOS Debugging
Prepare to learn some new debugging tricks! In this course, you’ll improve your skills with LLDB and Xcode... more
iOS & Swift
iOS Debugging Fundamentals
Learn the fundamentals of debugging in Xcode: including breakpoints, stack traces, and visibly inspecting ... more
iOS & Swift
iOS Unit Testing and UI Testing Tutorial
Learn how to add unit tests and UI tests to your iOS apps, and how you can check on your code coverage.
iOS & Swift
Advanced iOS Design Patterns
Learn about advanced iOS design patterns like flyweight, mediator, composite, command, chain-of-responsibi... more
iOS & Swift
Dependency Injection Tutorial for iOS: Getting Started
In this tutorial, you’ll learn about Dependency Injection for iOS, as you create the profile page of a social... more
iOS & Swift
Reusable SwiftUI Views in the App
Build two of the custom SwiftUI views used throughout the app. Get a glimpse into how we... more
iOS & Swift
Xcode Server for iOS: Getting Started
In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to install and configure Xcode Server so you can use it for Continuous Int... more
iOS & Swift
Intermediate iOS Design Patterns
Level-up your knowledge of design patterns with this course! Covers the MVVM, Factory, Adapter, Iterator, ... more
iOS & Swift
Xcode Test Plans for iOS: Getting Started
In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to organize your unit and UI tests with Xcode test plans and how to test y... more
Multiple Domains
Mastering Git
Take the solid foundation laid by the Beginning Git course, and build upon it. Focus on fixing real-world ... more
Multiple Domains
Beginning Git
In this introduction to using Git for source control you’ll learn everything from cloning and creating rep... more
Multiple Domains
Command Line Basics
A command line course for beginners! Explore the basics like manipulating files and directories, navigatio... more
iOS & Swift
Fundamental iOS Design Patterns
Learn about fundamental iOS design patterns like MVC, Delegation, Strategy, Singleton, Memento, Observer a... more