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Flutter & Dart · 8 Results

Flutter & Dart Other Core APIs
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Flutter Navigator 2.0 and Deep Links
With Flutter’s Navigator 2.0, learn how to handle deep links in Flutter and gain the ultimate navigation control for your app.
Multiple Domains
Flutter Navigator 2.0: Using go_router
Go beyond Flutter’s Navigator 2.0 and learn how to handle navigation with the go_router package.
Multiple Domains
Platform-Specific Code With Flutter Method Channel: Getting Started
Learn how to communicate with some platform-specific code with Flutter method channels and extend the functionality of the Flutter application.
Multiple Domains
An In-Depth Dive Into Streaming Data Across Platform Channels on Flutter
In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to use Platform Channels to stream data into your Flutter app.
Flutter & Dart
RxDart Tutorial for Flutter: Getting Started
Learn how to develop Flutter apps using the Reactive Programming paradigm with RxDart.
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Creating Custom Gestures in Flutter
Learn how to add custom gestures in your Flutter app by working on a fun lock-picking app.
Flutter & Dart
Building Dart APIs with Google Cloud Run
Learn how to build backend applications using Dart and Google Cloud Run.
Flutter & Dart
Beginning FlutterFire
Firebase can help you add back-end features to your Flutter app without writing any back-end code. It provides several tools that you can immediately use, like authentication, a centralized database, file storing in the cloud, and sending notifications. In this course you’ll learn how to configure and use FlutterFire, a set of plugins to integrate Firebase within your Flutter apps!