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Server-Side Swift New
Supporting REST and HTML with a gRPC Microservice
Any microservice can become a gRPC microservice. gRPC and protobuf work together to bring more structure to building out APIs, even if your service has to work across different clients or support streams of data. The system generates model and networking code for the protocol — you define the API using a .proto file which […]
Android & Kotlin
Nearby Connections for Android: Getting Started
Learn how to exchange data between two Android devices in an offline peer-to-peer fashion using the Nearby Connections API
iOS & Swift
Dissect the PKCE Authorization Code Grant Flow on iOS
Learn how to use Proof Key for Code Exchange (PKCE) authentication flow to access APIs with your Swift iOS apps.
iOS & Swift
Advanced Networking with URLSession
Dive deeper into URLSession. Learn how to upload data and how to perform background downloads. Work with sockets and use WebSockets for real-time messaging. Learn about authentication, App Transport Security, and cookies.
iOS & Swift
Beginning Networking with URLSession
Learn how to use URLSession, Apple’s networking API, including how to download data, show download progress, group multiple network requests, handle errors, and more. Learn about concurrency and how it plays a role in networking, perform downloads. Updated for iOS 15 and Swift 5.6.
Android & Kotlin
Android Networking: Beyond the Basics
Implement advanced concepts in the Retrofit library in Android, and add interceptors and parsers. Learn how Kotlin Coroutines can make your networking code easy to write and understand.
Android & Kotlin
Android Networking: Fundamentals
Learn about the the HTTP, JSON, REST and all the other cool and important abbreviations in the world of networking! Implement the Retrofit library in Android, add interceptors, parsers, and Kotlin Coroutines.
Flutter & Dart
Beginning FlutterFire
Firebase can help you add back-end features to your Flutter app without writing any back-end code. It provides several tools that you can immediately use, like authentication, a centralized database, file storing in the cloud, and sending notifications. In this course you’ll learn how to configure and use FlutterFire, a set of plugins to integrate Firebase within your Flutter apps!
Android & Kotlin
Kotlin Serialization
Learn what Kotlin Serialization library is and how to use it in your Android app. Also learn how it differs from other data serialization libraries like Moshi and Gson.
Android & Kotlin
Testing REST APIs Using MockWebServer
Learn how to mock a REST API with MockWebServer and easily test your business logic using Espresso to check how your UI handle success or error responses.
Flutter & Dart
Getting Started With the BLoC Pattern
See how to use the popular BLoC pattern to build your Flutter app architecture and manage the flow of data through your widgets using Dart streams.
iOS & Swift
CloudKit is Apple’s remote data storage service. Based on iCloud, it provides a low-cost option to store and share app data.
Game Tech
How to Create a Twitch Chat Game with Unity
Learn to integrate the Twitch Chat API into your Unity game, so viewers can interact with the game during streaming.
iOS & Swift
Monitoring HTTP Traffic with Instruments
Learn to monitor and analyze HTTP traffic using Instruments Network profiling in your iOS SwiftUI apps.
Android & Kotlin
Android Data Serialization Tutorial with the Kotlin Serialization Library
Learn how to use the Kotlin Serialization library in your Android app and how it differs from other data serialization libraries available out there.
iOS & Swift
Spinner and Progress Bar in Swift: Getting Started
Learn how to implement a spinner indicator and progress bar in both UIKit and SwiftUI.
iOS & Swift
Using Proxyman to Inspect Network Traffic
Learn how to use Proxyman as a man-in-the-middle proxy to inspect network traffic on your iOS device or simulator.
iOS & Swift
Advanced Charles Proxy Tutorial for iOS
Get more out of Charles Proxy by learning advanced features like mapping responses to local files, automating requests and writing logs.
iOS & Swift
Charles Proxy Tutorial for iOS
Learn how to use Charles for iOS and macOS to inspect encrypted and unencrypted network traffic for both your own apps and third-party apps.
Android & Kotlin
OkHttp Interceptors in Android
Learn how to use OkHttp Interceptors to intercept network requests, log them and also modify them on the fly.
iOS & Swift
App Clips in iOS
Whether you’re picking up coffee or renting a bike, you’ve likely been faced with the decision of installing an app or not. Living in a time where there truly is an app for everything, it’s often frustrating to download an app just to get a ride home or book a hotel on-the-go. With App Clips, developers can make a small portion of their app available for near-instant use, so users can avoid the installation, sign-in, and onboarding process. In this course, learn how to implement your own App Clips in your iOS apps and help users discover your app while on the move!
iOS & Swift
Firebase Cloud Messaging for iOS: Push Notifications
Learn how to use Firebase Cloud Messaging to send and receive remote push notifications in your SwiftUI iOS app.
iOS & Swift
Multipeer Connectivity in iOS
In this course, you'll learn how to use Multipeer Connectivity: Apple's framework for transferring data between devices with no external network.
iOS & Swift
Getting Started with AWS AppSync for iOS
Learn how to consume GraphQL APIs in your SwiftUI iOS apps in a simple and type-safe way using AWS AppSync framework.