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Android & Kotlin · 14 Results

Android & Kotlin Networking
Android & Kotlin New
Big List of Android Conferences in 2024
Discover the top Android conferences in 2024 and seize the opportunity to stay updated, network with industry professionals, and explore emerging technologies. Dive into the world of Android development with these must-attend events.
Android & Kotlin
Nearby Connections for Android: Getting Started
Learn how to exchange data between two Android devices in an offline peer-to-peer fashion using the Nearby Connections API
Android & Kotlin
Android Networking: Beyond the Basics
Implement advanced concepts in the Retrofit library in Android, and add interceptors and parsers. Learn how Kotlin Coroutines can make your networking code easy to write and understand.
Android & Kotlin
Android Networking: Fundamentals
Learn about the the HTTP, JSON, REST and all the other cool and important abbreviations in the world of networking! Implement the Retrofit library in Android, add interceptors, parsers, and Kotlin Coroutines.
Android & Kotlin
Kotlin Serialization
Learn what Kotlin Serialization library is and how to use it in your Android app. Also learn how it differs from other data serialization libraries like Moshi and Gson.
Android & Kotlin
Testing REST APIs Using MockWebServer
Learn how to mock a REST API with MockWebServer and easily test your business logic using Espresso to check how your UI handle success or error responses.
Android & Kotlin
Android Data Serialization Tutorial with the Kotlin Serialization Library
Learn how to use the Kotlin Serialization library in your Android app and how it differs from other data serialization libraries available out there.
Android & Kotlin
OkHttp Interceptors in Android
Learn how to use OkHttp Interceptors to intercept network requests, log them and also modify them on the fly.
Multiple Domains
Android Networking With Kotlin Tutorial: Getting Started
In this tutorial, you’ll get started with Android networking by creating a simple app to retrieve and display a list of GitHub repositories.
Android & Kotlin
Android Tutorial for GeckoView: Getting Started
In thus tutorial you’ll learn about GeckoView, an open source library that allows you to render web content on Android using the Gecko web engine.
Android & Kotlin
Getting Started with Fuel
In this screencast, you'll learn how to use the Fuel networking library by creating a fun weather app that displays the current weather in Los Angeles, California.
Android & Kotlin
Integrating Google Drive in Android
See how to integrate the Google Drive SDK in order to let your users access and download their Drive files directly to your app.
Android & Kotlin
Firebase Tutorial for Android: Getting Started
In this Firebase Tutorial for Android you’ll learn how to work with Realtime Databases and Authentication by creating a Joke Telling app.
Android & Kotlin
Couchbase Tutorial for Android: Getting Started
In this couchbase tutorial, you will learn how to use prebuilt Couchbase Lite databases, model, query, upload and sync data including attachments.