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iOS & Swift · 39 Results

iOS & Swift Saving Data / Persistence
Multiple Domains
Must-Watch Sessions From WWDC ’23
Ensure you’re up-to-date on the most important announcements from WWDC ’23 with this round-up of important sessions for developers to watch!
iOS & Swift
SwiftData: Simplifying Persistence in iOS Apps
Learn all about SwiftData, a new framework introduced at WWDC 2023 that provides a Swift-like API for working with persistence in iOS apps and simplifies Core Data usage.
iOS & Swift
State Restoration in SwiftUI
Learn how to use SceneStorage in SwiftUI to restore iOS app state.
iOS & Swift
Core Data: Fundamentals
Learn the basics of Core Data in this beginner series. You’ll learn how to model your data with attributes and relationships, save data using a context, display saved data in lists and much more, in both SwiftUI and UIKit!
iOS & Swift
Realm With SwiftUI Tutorial: Getting Started
Learn how to use Realm with SwiftUI as a data persistence solution by building a potion shopping list app.
iOS & Swift
Saving Data in iOS
Find out where and how to save data in iOS! This course explores common methods for persisting user data, all from within Xcode Playgrounds.
iOS & Swift
Sharing Core Data With CloudKit in SwiftUI
Learn to share data between CoreData and CloudKit in a SwiftUI app.
iOS & Swift
Set Up Core Spotlight with Core Data: Getting Started
Learn how to connect Core Data with Core Spotlight and add search capability to your app using Spotlight.
iOS & Swift
Dynamic Core Data with SwiftUI Tutorial for iOS
Learn how to take advantage of all the new Core Data features introduced in iOS 15 to make your SwiftUI apps even more powerful.
iOS & Swift
Firebase Tutorial: Getting Started
Learn Firebase fundamentals including saving data, real-time sync, authentication, user status and offline support.
iOS & Swift
AWS AppSync for iOS
Learn how to consume GraphQL APIs in your SwiftUI iOS apps in a simple and type-safe way using AWS AppSync framework.
iOS & Swift
Modern, Efficient Core Data
In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to improve your iOS app thanks to efficient Core Data usage with batch insert, persistent history and derived properties.
iOS & Swift
Using AWS as a Back End: The Data Store API
In this tutorial, you’ll extend the Isolation Nation app from the previous tutorial, adding analytics and real-time chat functionality using AWS Pinpoint and AWS Amplify DataStore.
iOS & Swift
Getting Started with Core Data and CloudKit
In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to use NSPersistentCloudKitContainer to integrate Core Data and CloudKit.
iOS & Swift
Combine in the App
Take a look at how Combine is used to power parts of the open-source app based on changes that get stored in User Defaults.
iOS & Swift
GraphQL Using the Apollo Framework: Getting Started
In this Apollo Framework for iOS tutorial, you will learn how to consume GraphQL APIs in a simple and type-safe way.
iOS & Swift
Unit Testing Core Data in iOS
Testing code is a crucial part of app development, and Core Data is not exempt from this. This tutorial will teach you how you can test Core Data.
iOS & Swift
WWDC 2020: SwiftUI Protocols & Property Wrappers
WWDC 2020 brought some great new features for SwiftUI, including the App and Scene protocols, and AppStorage, SceneStorage, and ScaledMetric property wrappers.
iOS & Swift
Universal Type Identifiers Tutorial for iOS: Importing and Exporting App Data
In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to export and import app data to and from your iOS app, as well as create custom file types and extensions.
iOS & Swift
Core Data with SwiftUI Tutorial: Getting Started
In this Core Data with SwiftUI tutorial, you’ll learn to persist data in an app using @State, @Environment and @FetchRequest property wrappers.
iOS & Swift
SQLite With Swift Tutorial: Getting Started
In this SQLite with Swift tutorial, you’ll learn to use a SQLite database with Swift projects by creating tables and inserting, updating and deleting rows.
iOS & Swift
CloudKit Tutorial: Getting Started
In this CloudKit tutorial, you’ll learn how to add and query data in iCloud from your app, as well as how to manage that data using the CloudKit dashboard.
iOS & Swift
HEIC Image Compression for iOS
In this HEIC image compression tutorial, you’ll learn how to transform images into HEIC and JPEG formats, comparing their efficiency for optimum performance.
iOS & Swift
UIDocument From Scratch
Learn how to add document support to your app using UIDocument.