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Flutter & Dart · 26 Results

Flutter & Dart User Interface
Flutter & Dart
Flutter Hero Animations
Create impressive hero animations using the Hero Widget in Flutter when transitioning from one screen to another. This course covers key topics such as the fundamentals of hero animations, utilizing the components of the Hero widget to create advanced animations, and hands-on development of visually stunning animations while working on the Fooder app.
Flutter & Dart
Flutter Desktop Apps: Getting Started
Learn how to create a Flutter Desktop App for both the Macintosh and Windows platforms. Create applications that run as fast as native apps and look like a native app. Use the native menu system and access local files.
Flutter & Dart
Flutter Navigator 2.0
Navigator 2.0 is Flutter’s new declarative API for the Navigator widget. Learn how to migrate an app from old navigation patterns to use Navigator 2.0 and see how to make your app work with the URL bar and browser history in Flutter Web.
Flutter & Dart
Implicit Flutter Animations
Create delightful user experiences by learning how to add implicit animations to your Flutter apps.
Flutter & Dart
Beginning Flutter Debugging
Learn the basics of debugging and explore how to resolve common errors that Flutter developers face during app development.
Flutter & Dart
Creating Custom Reusable Widgets in Flutter
Learn to create custom widgets that are designed with reusability in mind so you could reuse them in your projects or share them with the world as a library.
Flutter & Dart
Creating Local Notifications in Flutter
Learn how to create cross-platform local notifications in Flutter using the flutter_local_notifications package.
Flutter & Dart
Supabase with Flutter
Learn how to create a cloud based database and authentication application using Supabase. This is an easy to use Postgres relational database along with authentication. There are easy to use libraries for Flutter. Easily setup email/password authentication along with your favorite providers like: Google, Facebook and Apple. Use a webpage to easily create database tables.
Flutter & Dart
Overlays in Flutter: Getting Started
Learn Flutter’s own way to display overlays like popUps, modals and dialog boxes with the help of popUpRoutes.
Multiple Domains
Debugging Layout Issues Using the Widget Inspector
In this article, you’ll see how layouts are constructed as well as learn about the Widget Inspector and how to use it to solve common layout errors in an app.
Multiple Domains
Creating Custom Gestures in Flutter
Learn how to add custom gestures in your Flutter app by working on a fun lock-picking app.
Flutter & Dart
Flutter UI Widgets
Explore commonly used UI widgets in Flutter and see how they relate to their native iOS and Android counterparts.
Multiple Domains
Diving Deep into WebViews
Learn how to handle webpages in your Flutter application using WebViews.
Flutter & Dart
Material Transitions in Flutter with the Animations Package
Get up and running with the Material Motion system which is a set of transition patterns that is part of the Material design specification and learn how to integrate the provided transitions into any app.
Multiple Domains
Adding Micro-Interactions With AnimatedSwitcher
Learn how to add micro-interactions to your Flutter app using AnimatedSwitcher.
Multiple Domains
Building Complex UI in Flutter: Magic 8-Ball
Learn how to build complex user interfaces in Flutter by creating a nearly 3D Magic 8-Ball using standard Flutter components.
Flutter & Dart
Stateful vs Stateless Widgets in Flutter
Dive into the world of the two main types of widgets in Flutter and learn about their features and differences and when to use each one.
Multiple Domains
Slivers in Flutter: Getting Started
In this article you’ll learn about Slivers in Flutter, how they work, and use them to make a beautifully designed app for recipes.
Multiple Domains
Implicit Animations in Flutter: Getting Started
Learn how to make smooth-flowing and beautiful apps by adding implicit animations to your Flutter project’s buttons, containers and screen transitions.
Multiple Domains
Theming a Flutter App: Getting Started
Learn how to make your app stand out by styling widgets, creating a dynamic theme, and toggling between available themes.
Multiple Domains
Creating Reusable Custom Widgets in Flutter
Learn how to design and create your own custom widgets in Flutter that you can use in any of your projects or share with the world.
Multiple Domains
Drawing Custom Shapes With CustomPainter in Flutter
Learn how to use a Flutter CustomPainter to draw custom shapes and paths by creating a neat curved profile card with gradient colors.
Flutter & Dart
Flutter ListView
Learn and understand how to use the ListView widget in Flutter to display lists and scrollable interfaces.
Multiple Domains
Platform-Aware Widgets in Flutter
Learn how to use both Android and iOS widgets so your app looks like it should on the platform you are running on.