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iOS & Swift · 122 Results

iOS & Swift User Interface
iOS & Swift New
SwiftUI Tutorial: Navigation
In this tutorial, you’ll use SwiftUI to implement the navigation of a master-detail app. You’ll learn how to implement a navigation stack, a navigation bar button, a context menu and a modal sheet.
iOS & Swift
SwiftUI Fundamentals
An introduction to building iOS user interfaces with SwiftUI! Learn about SwiftUI Views and modifiers, common SwiftUI controls, fundamental layout tools, navigation and data flow, and how to make the most of SwiftUI previews.
iOS & Swift
watchOS: Complications
Learn how to develop one of the most compelling and useful features of the Apple Watch: Complications.
iOS & Swift
SwiftUI Button Tutorial: Customization
Learn how to easily customize your app buttons style with the minimum effort by leveraging the latest SwiftUI button modifiers.
iOS & Swift
iOS Accessibility in SwiftUI: Create Accessible Charts using Audio Graphs
In this iOS accessibility tutorial, learn how to make charts in your app more accessible by using Audio Graphs.
iOS & Swift
Focus Management in SwiftUI: Getting Started
Learn how to manage focus in SwiftUI by improving the user experience for a checkout form.
iOS & Swift
SwiftUI: Animation
In this course, we’re going to get you started animating all sorts of SwiftUI views. Why should you add animation to your apps? Well, animation is a brilliant way to wow your users, and make your app look and feel unique. Practically speaking, animation can grab a user’s attention, and allow them to focus on what’s most important. It can help your users intuitively understand how to navigate your app or alert them to important changes.
iOS & Swift
Home Screen Quick Actions for iOS: Getting Started
Learn how to integrate Static and Dynamic Home Screen Quick Actions into your SwiftUI iOS app.
iOS & Swift
SwiftUI Search: Getting Started
Learn how to use the searchable modifier to quickly add search capability to your SwiftUI apps.
iOS & Swift
Gestures in SwiftUI
Learn how to use SwiftUI’s Gestures to add dynamic touch interactions to your apps. Quickly add one of SwiftUI’s five basic gestures, customize gestures for more control, and combine multiple gestures to build more sophisticated interactivity.
iOS & Swift
SF Symbols 3 for iOS: What’s New
Learn how to use the new features on SF Symbols 3, which allows you to customize colors, shading, accessibility and localization, as well as add custom symbols more easily.
iOS & Swift
UIButton Configuration Tutorial: Getting Started
Learn how to give your buttons some style and color using the UIButton Configuration API.
iOS & Swift
Handling Keyboard & Pointer Interactions in SwiftUI
Learn how to handle the iOS keyboard, external hardware keyboards, and pointer interactions in a SwiftUI app.
iOS & Swift
SwiftUI: Layout & Interfaces
Learn the fundamentals of layout in SwiftUI. Lazy Stacks andGrids, Scroll View Readers, Alignment, ZStacks, and GeometryReaders are the main topics.
iOS & Swift
Your Second iOS & SwiftUI App
Use the knowledge you’ve gained from creating a SwiftUI app, and learning the basics of Swift, to create a more complex app: one to track your book collection!
iOS & Swift
SwiftUI View Preferences Tutorial for iOS
Learn how SwiftUI view preferences allow views to send information back up the view hierarchy and the possibilities that opens up for your apps.
iOS & Swift
SwiftUI Progressive Disclosures Tutorial
Learn how to dress up your iOS apps with SwiftUI views containing progressive disclosures using state variables, animations and transitions.
iOS & Swift
Custom Fonts: Getting Started
Learn how to use custom fonts on iOS with Storyboards, UIKit and SwiftUI.
iOS & Swift
Spinner and Progress Bar in Swift: Getting Started
Learn how to implement a spinner indicator and progress bar in both UIKit and SwiftUI.
iOS & Swift
Core Haptics
Learn how to create and play haptic patterns, synchronize audio with haptic events, and create dynamic haptic patterns that respond to external stimuli.
iOS & Swift
Self-Sizing Table View Cells
Learn how to enable self-sizing table view cells and make them resize on-demand while supporting Dynamic Type.
iOS & Swift
WWDC 2021: Breaking Changes in SwiftUI
We haven't seen many breaking changes in SwiftUI, but here are some deprecations and replacements you should look out for this year!
iOS & Swift
UICollectionView Tutorial: Headers, Selection and Reordering
Learn how to implement reusable views for UICollectionView section headers, select cells and reorder with drag and drop.
iOS & Swift
Drag and Drop Tutorial for SwiftUI
Learn how to use the drag and drop API in SwiftUI by building your own simple iPadOS and iOS bug reporting app.