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Article User Interface
iOS & Swift New
SwiftUI Tutorial: Navigation
In this tutorial, you’ll use SwiftUI to implement the navigation of a master-detail app. You’ll learn how to implement a navigation stack, a navigation bar button, a context menu and a modal sheet.
Game Tech
Unreal Engine 5 UI Tutorial
In this Unreal Engine 5 UI tutorial, you’ll learn how to create, display and update a HUD.
Android & Kotlin
Large Screens & Foldables Tutorial for Android
Learn how to build great user experiences for large screens & foldables in Android. Also learn how to design and test adaptive Android apps.
Android & Kotlin
CompositionLocal in Jetpack Compose
Learn about CompositionLocal in Jetpack Compose and implement an efficient way for multiple composables to access data.
Android & Kotlin
App Shortcuts: Getting Started
Learn how to implement App Shortcuts in your Android app to make it more engaging for your users.
Flutter & Dart
Creating Local Notifications in Flutter
Learn how to create cross-platform local notifications in Flutter using the flutter_local_notifications package.
iOS & Swift
SwiftUI Button Tutorial: Customization
Learn how to easily customize your app buttons style with the minimum effort by leveraging the latest SwiftUI button modifiers.
Game Tech
Introduction to Unity UI – Part 2
In this second part of the tutorial, you’re going to add additional functionality like playing and pausing the music, selecting a track from a list inside a ScrollView, and changing the volume with a slider. As you add these features, you’ll learn all about Unity’s built-in UI components.
Android & Kotlin
Lazy Layouts in Jetpack Compose
Learn how to use Lazy Composables in Jetpack Compose to simply display data in your app.
Flutter & Dart
Overlays in Flutter: Getting Started
Learn Flutter’s own way to display overlays like popUps, modals and dialog boxes with the help of popUpRoutes.
Android & Kotlin
Splash Screen Tutorial for Android
Learn how to implement splash screen in new and existing Android apps, using the SplashScreen API introduced in Android 12.
Android & Kotlin
Material You in Jetpack Compose
Learn how to use the amazing features that come with the new Material Design 3 to create better-looking apps with a more personal feel.
iOS & Swift
iOS Accessibility in SwiftUI: Create Accessible Charts using Audio Graphs
In this iOS accessibility tutorial, learn how to make charts in your app more accessible by using Audio Graphs.
Android & Kotlin
Jetpack Compose Destinations
In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to implement an effective navigation pattern with Jetpack Compose, in a way that will work with different screen sizes, from phones to tablets.
iOS & Swift
Focus Management in SwiftUI: Getting Started
Learn how to manage focus in SwiftUI by improving the user experience for a checkout form.
Android & Kotlin
Advanced Data Binding in Android: Layout Expressions
Learn how to use layout expressions for data binding in Android and make your code more concise and less error-prone.
Android & Kotlin
Managing State in Jetpack Compose
Learn the differences between stateless and stateful composables and how state hoisting can help make your composables more reusable.
Multiple Domains
Debugging Layout Issues Using the Widget Inspector
In this article, you’ll see how layouts are constructed as well as learn about the Widget Inspector and how to use it to solve common layout errors in an app.
iOS & Swift
Home Screen Quick Actions for iOS: Getting Started
Learn how to integrate Static and Dynamic Home Screen Quick Actions into your SwiftUI iOS app.
Android & Kotlin
RecyclerView Selection Library Tutorial for Android: Adding New Actions
Learn how to implement press and long-press events on lists with RecyclerView Selection library.
iOS & Swift
SwiftUI Search: Getting Started
Learn how to use the searchable modifier to quickly add search capability to your SwiftUI apps.
Multiple Domains
Creating Custom Gestures in Flutter
Learn how to add custom gestures in your Flutter app by working on a fun lock-picking app.
Game Tech
Tweening Animations in Unity with LeanTween
Learn how to use LeanTween to animate the User Interface and various GameObjects in Unity 3D by creating a Breakout game clone.
iOS & Swift
SF Symbols 3 for iOS: What’s New
Learn how to use the new features on SF Symbols 3, which allows you to customize colors, shading, accessibility and localization, as well as add custom symbols more easily.