In previous lessons, you learned the basics of SwiftUI and how the framework works across Apple’s platforms — iOS, iPadOS, and even macOS. You learned that SwiftUI has a declarative syntax and how this differs from UIKit. You also started working on a new app, RGB Picker, and you learned about different controls and views.

And while SwiftUI offers a plethora of built-in views that are the cornerstones of the framework, like Slider, Text, and Button, it also allows developers to create their own custom views. Much like its predecessor, UIKit, SwiftUI allows you to create views that are a composition of those basic built-in views so you can create your own views that can be reused in many places in your app.

In this lesson, you’ll:

  • Learn about Custom SwiftUI Views and how to declare and create new views.
  • Design Reusable SwiftUI Views that change depending on their parameters and can be reused in many places in your app.
  • Create a View Modifier to modify and style views throughout your code.

Additionally, you’ll refactor RGB Picker to use your new custom views and view modifier — reducing code duplication.

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