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watchOS With SwiftUI by Tutorials

First Edition · watchOS 8 · Swift 5.5 · Xcode 13.1

Section I: watchOS With SwiftUI

Section 1: 16 chapters
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iv. About the Team
Written by Scott Grosch

About the Author

Scott Grosch has been involved with iOS app development since the first release of the public SDK from Apple. He mostly works with a small set of clients on a couple large apps. During the day, Scott is a Solutions Architect at a Fortune 500 company in the Pacific Northwest. At night, he’s still working on figuring out how to be a good parent to a toddler with his wife.

About the Editors

Pablo Mateo is the final pass editor for this book. He is Delivery Manager at at one of the biggest Banks in the world, and was also founder and CTO of a Technology Development company in Madrid. His expertise is focused on web and mobile app development, although he first started as a Creative Art Director. He has been for many years the Main Professor of the iOS and Android Mobile Development Masters Degree at a well-known technology school in Madrid (CICE). He has a masters degree in Artificial Intelligence & Machine-Learning and is currently learning Quantum Computing at MIT.

Nick Rogness is a tech editor for this book. He has been writing code professionally since 2004 and an iOS developer since iOS 9. He looks for any reason to get outdoors, running, biking, hiking, camping, whatever it takes.

Piotr Fulmanski is a tech editor for this book. Piotr has been working at the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science of the University of Lodz since 2001 where he teaches various computer science subjects. When he is not preparing materials for his students, he runs in the forest or makes toys for his children. He spends his vacation in the mountains with his family.

April Rames is the english language editor for this book. April is a former high school English and theatre teacher and director. When not volunteering at her daughters’ schools, she usually spends her time being asked to pretend to be a unicorn, zombie princess or super hero. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, making pasta and exploring the Gulf Coast with her family.

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