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Unity Apprentice

Before You Begin

Section 0: 4 chapters
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iv. About the Team

About the Authors

Eric Van de Kerckhove is a hobbyist game developer and 3D printing enthusiast from Belgium. Most days, you can find him at his desk while tinkering on scripts to automate tasks and creating 3D models to use in games or to print.

Matt Larson is a software developer for the life sciences and scientific visualization. He was an author on Unity AR & VR by Tutorials and is a believer in new technologies for engaging with 3D content. When he is not working on software, you’ll find him fixing up old synthesizers, kayaking and spending time with his wife and kids.

Ben MacKinnon has been a Unity Developer for as long as he has been a father, with both playing a huge part in his life. He spent a large part of his career Augmenting Architecture, but more recently has focussed on VR in development of the virtual communications platform ENGAGE.

About the Editors

Toby Flint is a tech editor of this book. Toby is a software developer inspired by a love of games. When he’s not programming or otherwise staring at a screen, you can find him exploring the backcountry, tasting a new crispy beverage, poking at a piano, or staring at a wall, absent-mindedly absorbed in his own thoughts.

Srikar Mutnuri is a tech editor of this book. Srikar is a software developer who loves building things. When the git commits are done, you can mostly find him reading a book, practicing music, or simply bingeing that new series.

Megan Mallicoat is the editor of this book. She’s a university journalism instructor and has professional experience in communications management, web design and graphic design — but she’s most devoted to pointing out grammar and spelling errors. In her “free time,” you’ll most likely find her on the sidelines of some kind of kids sports practice, holding a book.

Adrian Strahan is the final pass editor for this book. Adrian is a lead iOS developer working for a leading UK bank. When he’s not sat in front of a computer building apps or playing games, he enjoys long walks, streaming movies, building Lego models, listening to music and trying to keep fit and healthy.

About the Artists

Jake Nolt is a 3D artist, indie game developer and game development professor. When not developing or teaching, Jake enjoys spending time with family, gaming and being outdoors.

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