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SwiftUI Animations by Tutorials

First Edition · iOS 16 · Swift 5.7 · Xcode 14

Section I: SwiftUI Animations by Tutorials

Section 1: 11 chapters
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SwiftUI has absolutely changed our lives when it comes to developer experience and developer productivity. We can make beautiful apps extremely quickly, get instant feedback from SwiftUI previews, and iterate. SwiftUI also enables developers to easily leverage most common animations using simple SwiftUI modifiers, which makes it a pleasure to use. But it also begs the question: “How do I make my app stand out if everyone is using the same standard animations?”

It cannot be overstated how much animations matter in an app. It’s not just about usability, it’s about your app’s “signature”, a feel of quality and craftsmanship, the comforting feeling your users get that you’re going above and beyond to take care of them. Animations are what separate good apps from the best.

This book aims to push the envelope for seasoned developers who might know how to leverage SwiftUI’s basic animation system but aren’t aware of the many advanced concepts they can leverage to bring their animations to that next level of craftsmanship and interactivity, broadening the reader’s horizons and creative thinking.

Throughout your journey, you’ll learn everything you need to create outstanding and memorable animations. You’ll learn about the engine that drives SwiftUI animations, explore animations, transitions, matched geometry, gestures and everything in between!

How to Read This Book

While this book was built to read linearly, each chapter should stand on its own. If a specific topic in one of the chapters piques your interest, feel free to browse around and explore.

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