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Swift Apprentice

Section III: Building Your Own Types

Section 3: 8 chapters
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Section IV: Advanced Topics

Section 4: 13 chapters
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vi. Acknowledgments


We want to thank many people for their assistance in making this book possible:

  • Janie Clayton For her previous work on the first, second and third editions of Swift Apprentice.
  • Erik Kerber For his previous work on the first and second editions of Swift Apprentice.
  • Our families: For bearing with us in this crazy time as we worked all hours of the night to get this book ready for publication!
  • Everyone at Apple: For creating an exciting new programming language that we can use everywhere!
  • The Swift Community: For all the people, both inside and outside of Apple, who have worked very hard to make Swift the best computer language in the world.
  • And most importantly, the readers of — especially you! Thank you so much for reading our site and purchasing this book. Your continued readership and support are what make all of this possible!
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