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Swift Apprentice

Section III: Building Your Own Types

Section 3: 8 chapters
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Section IV: Advanced Topics

Section 4: 13 chapters
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iv. About the Team

About the Authors

Ehab Amer is an author of this book. He is a very enthusiastic Lead iOS developer with a very diverse experience, from building games to enterprise applications and POCs, especially when exploring new technologies. In his spare time, TV shows take the majority, followed by video games. When away from the screen, he goes with his friends for escape room experiences or to explore the underwater world through diving.

Alexis Gallagher is an author of this book. He’s worked in consulting, science, iOS development, startup management, and theater. Perhaps the only software engineer in San Francisco who was born there, he lives there now with his family, and works at Google on machine learning research and applications.

Matt Galloway is an author of this book. He is a software engineer with a passion for excellence. He stumbled into iOS programming when it first was a thing, and he has never looked back. When not coding, he likes to brew his own beer.

Eli Ganim is an author of this book. He is a Software Engineer who’s passionate about teaching, writing and sharing knowledge with others. He lives in Israel with his wife and kids.

Ben Morrow is an author of this book. He delights in discovering the unspoken nature of the world. He’ll tell you the surprising bits while on a walk. He produces beauty by drawing out the raw wisdom that exists within each of us.

Cosmin Pupăză is an author of this book. He is a tutorial writer from Romania. He has worked with more than a dozen programming languages over the years, but none has made such a great impact on himself as Swift. When not coding, he either plays the guitar or studies WWII history.

About the Editors

Sandra Grauschopf is an editor of this book. Sandra is a freelance writer, editor, and content strategist as well as the Editing Team Lead at She loves to untangle tortured sentences and to travel the world with a trusty book in her hand. You can follow her on Twitter at @SGrauschopf or learn more about her at

Steven Van Impe is the technical editor of this book. Steven is a computer science author and lecturer at the HOGENT University of Applied Sciences in Belgium. You can find Steven on Twitter as @pwsacademy.

Ray Fix is the final pass editor of this book. During the day, Ray works on next-generation microscopes made for iPad at Discover Echo Inc. in San Diego, California. He enjoys learning new things and is excited about math, data, visualization, machine learning and computer vision. Swift is his problem-solving language of choice and he has been using it and teaching others about it since its 2014 public release. Twitter: @rayfix.

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