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Push Notifications by Tutorials

Third Edition · iOS 14 · Swift 5.3 · Xcode 12

Before You Begin

Section 0: 4 chapters
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Section I: Push Notifications by Tutorials

Section 1: 14 chapters
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iii. About the Cover
Written by Scott Grosch

Push Notifications by Tutorials
Push Notifications by Tutorials

Whether you call a group of these animals a “family,” a “bevy,” a “lodge,” a “romp” or a “raft,” there’s a lot to love about otters!

Despite their propensity for living near water and eating a diet made up mostly of fish and shellfish, most species of otter prefer to spend most of their time on land; otherwise, their dense fur would become waterlogged. Only sea otters spend the majority of their lives in the ocean.

Otters have a fascinating vocabulary; they use all kinds of vocalizations to communicate with their group or to draw notice to themselves. From coos, to hums, to growls, screams and high-intensity snorting to a “ha!” sound, otters really know how to get their point across.

In fact, you can take the communication stylings of otters as inspiration during your work with push notifications; you need to figure out how to get just the right information, to just the right people, at just the right time. Otherwise, your users will end up interpreting your app’s notifications as otter nonsense!

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