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Kotlin Coroutines by Tutorials

Second Edition · Android 10 · Kotlin 1.3 · Android Studio 3.5

Section I: Introduction to Coroutines

Section 1: 9 chapters
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Kotlin Coroutines by Tutorials
Kotlin Coroutines by Tutorials

It would be difficult to think of an animal that cooperates more effectively and asynchronously with others of its kind than a bee. Beyond that, bees famously work with their environment to keep entire natural ecosystems and man-made industries thriving. Their community and industry has been well documented and celebrated throughout time, with references by philosopher Aristotle, economic theorist Karl Marx and even comedian Jerry Seinfeld.

Like the coroutines explored in this book, the various 16,000 known species of bees live harmoniously in their intricate colonies — an elegant network of productivity and execution of duties.

Developers can easily take great insight from the bee, working to architect code in an asynchronous way in which each part plays a critical role to contribute to the overall success of the project at hand.

Learn more about these important animals, here:

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