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iOS Test-Driven Development by Tutorials

First Edition · iOS 13 · Swift 5.1 · Xcode 11

Before You Begin

Section 0: 3 chapters
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iOS Test-Driven Development by Tutorials
iOS Test-Driven Development by Tutorials

The rainbow fish belongs to the Melanotaeniidae and Pseudomugilidae freshwater fish families, which are only found in the waters of Australia and New Guinea. Because of the relative inaccessibility and sparseness of rainbow fish habitats, the rate of discovery of new species of rainbow fish has been slow. Although the first description of rainbow fish in western scientific literature was in 1843, more than 80% of the known rainbow fish species have been discovered in just the last four decades!

And just as the various habitats of the rainbow fish seem impenetrable and limited in scope, test-driven development can also seem like a difficult territory to explore. But adventuresome developers who dare to dive into the test-driven ecosystem are also likely to discover many different varieties of approaches to testing, each approach neatly adapted to its own environment, and perfectly suited for the job at hand — and there’s nothing fishy about that!

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