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iOS App Distribution & Best Practices

First Edition · iOS 14.4 · Swift 5.3 · Xcode 12.4

Section I: iOS App Distribution & Best Practices

Section 1: 17 chapters
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Section II: Appendices

Section 2: 2 chapters
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iv. Dedications
Written by Pietro Rea & Keegan Rush

“To my wonderful wife Emily, our daughter Rosita and our son Javier. Thank you for always supporting me in everything I do.”

Pietro Rea

“To Caroline, my significant other, without whom I’d never find the time to write this book. To my parents, who selflessly provided for me and set me up for success. To Elad, my first mentor, who forever changed my career by showing me a new world of possibilities.”

Keegan Rush

“To my family. Thank you for your unconditional love and support.”

Jayven Nhan

“Gratefully dedicated to my wife, Elnaz, and my children, Kian and Nikan.”

Soheil Azarpour

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