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Flutter Apprentice

Third Edition · Flutter 3.3 · Dart 2.18.0 · Android Studio 2021.2.1

Section IV: Networking, Persistence and State

Section 4: 7 chapters
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Section 7: 2 chapters
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About the Authors

Michael Katz is champion baker. He’s also a developer, architect, speaker, writer and avid homebrewer. He has contributed to several books on iOS development and is a long-time member of the tutorial team. He shares his home state of New York with his family, the world’s best bagels, and the Yankees. When not at his computer, he’s out on the trails, in his shop, or reading a good book (like this one!).

Kevin David Moore is an author of this book. Kevin has been developing Android apps for over 12 years and at many companies. He’s written several articles, books and videos at and created the “Programming in Kotlin” video series. He enjoys creating apps for fun and teaching others how to write Android apps. In addition to programming, he loves playing volleyball and running the sound system at church.

Vincent Ngo is an author of this book. A software developer by day at a growing startup, and an iOS/Flutter enthusiast by night, he believes that sharing knowledge is the best way to learn and grow as a techie. Vincent starts every morning with a Cà phê sữa đá (Vietnamese coffee) to fuel his day. He enjoys playing golf, meditating, and watching animated movies. You can find him on Twitter:

Vincenzo Guzzi is an author of this book. He lives in Sweden with his wife and cat where he enjoys hiking, snowboarding, reading books, and growing tomatoes. When he’s not writing Android code as a Senior Engineer for Spotify, he’s staying up late creating Flutter applications and writing tutorials for You can find him on Twitter at, or follow him on Instagram at to see some of his tomatoes!

About the Editors

Stephanie Patterson is the tech editor for this book. Stef is passionate about helping others learn, which includes mentoring, writing and editing documentation, data wrangling and coding by example. Throughout most of her career, she has worked as a senior SQL developer and analyst. In 2013, she started creating iOS apps using books and articles. Now, thanks to Flutter, Stef is creating natively compiled cross-platform apps. Stef loves movies, trivia nights, Sci-Fi and spending time with her husband, daughter and their dogs. You can find her on Twitter at

Cesare Rocchi is the final pass editor for this book. Cesare runs, an interactive studio that creates compelling web and mobile applications. He blogs at You can find him on Twitter at

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