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Catalyst by Tutorials

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You made it! Congratulations on finishing the book. We hope you’ve enjoyed your journey from iPhone to iPad to Mac - to a whole new field of users!

In this book, you learned how to take an iPhone app and add the features that make it work great on both iPad and Mac. That’s the great thing about Catalyst - most of your efforts will be useful on multiple platforms now!

You also learned about those things that are specific to the Mac platform, and how to take advantage of them in your app.

In the end, you have one codebase that works great on iPhone, iPad and Mac! That’s living the dream, baby!!

Now, you’re ready to go out on your own - take your iOS apps to the Mac, and make them insanely great!

If you have any questions or comments about the projects in this book, please stop by our forums at

Thank you again for purchasing this book. Your continued support is what makes the books, tutorials, videos and other things we do at possible. We truly appreciate it!

— Nick, Marin, Andy, Brian, Ehab and Jerry

The Catalyst by Tutorials team

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