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Apple Augmented Reality by Tutorials

Second Edition · iOS 15 · Swift 5.4 · Xcode 13

Section I: Reality Composer

Section 1: 5 chapters
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iv. About the Team
Written by Chris Language

About the Author

Chris Language is the author of this book. Chris is a seasoned coder with 20+ years of experience, and the author of 3D Apple Games by Tutorials. He has fond memories of his childhood and his Commodore 64; more recently he started adding more good memories of life with all his Apple devices. By day, he fights for survival in the corporate jungle of Johannesburg, South Africa. By night he fights demons, dragons and zombies! For relaxation, he codes. You can find him on Twitter @ChrisLanguage Forever Coder, Artist, Musician, Gamer and Dreamer.

About the Editor

Tammy Coron is the final pass editor of this book. Tammy is an independent creative professional. As an author, editor, illustrator, podcaster, and indie game developer, Tammy spends a lot of her time creating content and teaching others. For more information about Tammy, visit her website at

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