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Android Animations by Tutorials

Section II: Screen Transitions

Section 2: 3 chapters
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We’d like to thank you for joining us on this wonderful journey through the wide array of animations available to you on the Android Platform. Animations bring life and fun to your user interfaces and can provide critical cues to your users to gain their attention and give them a stunning surprise.

Now you’re equipped with the tools to add all the important animation effects to your app, from subtle view animations, to transitioning between screens and animating lists and gestures, and even animating items when using Jetpack Compose. We hope you’ll take what you’ve learned and apply it to your very own app to create memorable effects your users will love.

If you’d like to learn more about Android, we recommend Jetpack Compose by Tutorials to learn even more indebth about the features of the new and exciting Jetpack Compose. If you’d like to go even deeper into understanding the architecture of an Android app, we recommend Advanced Android App Architecture to get really sophisticated when architecting your apps on Android.

If you have any questions or comments about the projects in this book or in your own animations, please stop by our forums at

Thank you again for purchasing this book. Your continued support is what makes the books, tutorials, videos and other things we do at possible. We truly appreciate it!

Wishing you all the best in your continued journey on the ever evolving Android platform.

– The Android Animations by Tutorials team

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